Established in March of 2021, founder, "Allekka", wanted to fulfill his dream of giving people a platform to do what they love in an inclusive environment. In just under a year, he went on to recruit hundreds of unique characters from all over the world. These people each shared his vision and have helped him make 6F one of the most successful organizations in the community. What started on the global phenomenon of a video game known as "Fortnite" quickly led 6F into other major eSports' franchises. 


As of now, 6F has teams competing in the following games: Fortnite, Call of Duty, Valorant, CS:GO, Rocket League, Splitgate, and Apex Legends. Alongside the competitive roster, 6F has a complete sector dedicated to content creation as well as a studio where everyone can bring their creative minds together. 


From this time on, 6F looks to continue growing whether that be in numbers, achievements, or games. At all times, the organization is scouting protentional partners, members, and different franchises to participate in. They plan on maintaining the supportive base which has been made possible through endless amounts of active love from both the roster and community.